Tyrannosaur information
Scientific name : Zunityrannus,or possibly Sinotyrannus
Name meaning : Tyrant from the Zuni Basin
Time period : Late Cretaceous
Location : North America
Feathers: No

Zunityrannus is a unnamed tyrannosauroid found in the Moreno Hill Formation along with coelurosaur, and remains of a dinosaur related to Deinonychus. In Planet Dinosaur it was given the name Zunityrannus.


The remains were found along with the remains of other dinosaurs such as coelurosaurs. It also lived with Zuniceratops,Jeywati, and Nothronychus.


The tyrannosaur was first found in 2004 in The Moreno Hill Formation. In 2017, footprints were found. They could have belonged to Zunityrannus.

In FilmEdit

Zunityrannus appeared in the film Planet Dinosaur. It wasn't it's real name however despite this.

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