List of tyrannosaur genera is a complete List of tyrannosaur genera. They range from the tiny Iliosuchus to the large Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex. Note that the list also contains dinosaurs once thought to have been tyrannosaurs. If the tyrannosaur has * on it's name, it means that it is no longer classified as a tyrannosaur.


  1. Albertosaurus
  2. Alioramus
  3. Aublysodon
  4. Aviatyrannis
  5. Appalachiosaurus
  6. Alectrosaurus
  7. Aoniraptor*-a carnosaur
  8. Australovenator*-a carnosaur
  9. Aerosteon*-reclassified as a carnosaur
  10. Alamotyrannus-nomen nudum; possibly Tyrannosaurus


  1. Bagaraatan-possibly a troodont
  2. Bistahieversor
  3. Betasuchus*-reclassified as a abelisaur
  4. Bahariasaurus*-reclassified as a carnosaur
  5. Bathygnathus*-now classified as the non dinosaur Dimetrodon


  1. Coelurus
  2. Calamosaurus*-now classified as a compsognathid
  3. Chingkankousaurus-nomen dubia
  4. Chicagotyrannus-nomen nudum
  5. Clevelanotyrannus-now known as Nanotyrannus
  6. Carcharodontosaurus*-now classified as a carnosaur
  7. Chirostenotes*-now classified as a oviraptorid
  8. Compsognathus*-now classified as a compsognathid
  9. Chuandongocoelurus*-now classified as a tetanuran
  10. Coelophysis*-now classified as a coelophysid


  1. Daspletosaurus
  2. Dinotyrannus-now known as Tyrannosaurus rex
  3. Dryptosaurus
  4. Dilong
  5. Deinodon
  6. Diplotomodon-possibly not a tyrannosaur
  7. Dromaeosaurus*-a dromaeosaurid


  1. Eotyrannus
  2. Embasaurus-a unknown theropod; nomen dubia
  3. Elaphrosaurus*-now classified as a ceratosaur
  4. Euronychodon*-now classified as a troodontid


  1. Fusinasus-now known as Eotyrannus
  2. ''Futabasaurus''-possibly not a tyrannosauroid;name already used for a plesiosaur
  3. Fukuiraptor*-reclassified as a megaraptoran


  1. Gorgosaurus
  2. Gavinosaurus-now known as Eotyrannus


  1. Herbstosaurus*-now classified as a pterosaur


  1. Iliosuchus-possibly a early teaturan
  2. Indosuchus*-now classified as a abelisaur.
  3. Itemirus*-now classified as a dromaeosaur


  1. Juratyrant
  2. Jenghizkhan-now known as Tarbosaurus
  3. Jubbulpuria*-now classified as a ceratosaur


  1. Kileskus
  2. ''Koreanosaurus''*-now classified as a cousin to Deinonychus


  1. Lengosaurus-now known as Eotyrannus
  2. Lythronax
  3. Labocania
  4. Laelaps-now known as Dryptosaurus
  5. Loncosaurus*-now classified as a ornithopod
  6. Laevisuchus*-now classified as a ceratosaur


  1. Maleevosaurus-now known as Tarbosaurus
  2. Mirischia-possibly a compsognathid
  3. Megaraptor*-reclassified as a carnosaur
  4. Murusraptor*-reclassified as a carnosaur
  5. Microvenator*-now classified as a oviraptorid


  1. Nanotyrannus-possibly a young Tyrannosaurus rex
  2. Nanuqsaurus
  3. Nuthetes-possibly a dromaeosaurid; nomen dubia
  4. ''Nototyrannus''-now classified as the non-tyrannosaur Gualicho
  5. ''Nanotyrannes''-now known as Nanotyrannus


  1. Orkoraptor*-reclassified as a carnosaur


  1. Proceratosaurus
  2. Pneumatoarthrus*-now classified as a sea turtle


  1. Qianzhousaurus


  1. Raptorex
  2. Rapator*-reclassified as a carnosaur


  1. Siamotyrannus*-now classified as a carnosaur
  2. Sinotyrannus
  3. Shanshanosaurus-now known as Tarbosaurus
  4. Sinosauropteryx*-now classified as a compsognathid
  5. Stenonychosaurus*-now classified as a troodontid
  6. Santanaraptor-possibly not a tyrannosaur


  1. Tyrannosaurus rex
  2. Tarbosaurus
  3. Timurlengia
  4. Teratophoneus
  5. Tanycolagreus
  6. Timimus-possibly a dromaeosaur
  7. Teihivenator-nomen dubium; possible mix of tyrannosaur, and ornithomimid remains
  8. ''Tonouchisaurus''-a nomina nuda
  9. Tomodon-now known as Diplotomodon
  10. Teinurosaurus*-now classified as a unknown theropod
  11. Thecospondylus*-now classified as a unknown dinosaur


  1. Xiongguanlong


  1. Yutyrannus
  2. ''Yezosaurus''*-now classified as a mosasaur


  1. Zhuchengtyrannus
  2. ''Zunityrannus''