Tyrannosauroidea is a clade of tyrannoraptorans containing massive tyrannosaurids such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Daspletosaurus, and small Deinonychus like dinosaurs such as Guanlong, and Dilong. This article is about tyrannosaur research and new tyrannosaur taxon that occurred in 2016.


  1. Recent studies showed tyrannosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex had strong lips.
  2. Recent studies showed that tyrannosaurids were not the only dinosaurs with two fingers. A new theropod known as Gualicho.
  3. Studies showed tyrannosaurs such as Tarbosaurus probably did not roar.
  4. Scientist have now found Megaraptorans as carnosaurs, and Eotyrannus as a tyrannosauroid
  5. A 4 foot long Tyrannosaurus rex skull is dug up. It will be placed in the Seattle museum.

New TaxaEdit

  1. Timurlengia-Timurlengia is a genus of tyrannosaur found in Asia. It was believed to be related to Alectrosaurus. Species include T.eoucouti.

New OotaxaEdit

New IchnotaxaEdit

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