Tyrannosauroidea are a clade of dinosaurs related to bird like dinosaur such as Oviraptor, and Deinonychus than to Spinosaurus. This article is about new taxon and research of tyrannosaurs that occurred in the year of 2014.


  1. Tyrannosaur footprints are found in modern day Canada. It is said to belong to a creature similar to Albertosaurus.

New TaxaEdit

  1. Nanuqsaurus-Nanuqsaurus was one of the smallest tyrannosaurids. It was believed to be related to Tyrannosaurus rex but half the size. It hunted ceratopsians such as Pachyrinosaurus a close cousin to Triceratops. Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistroic 3D's Gorgosaurus are said to be to these dinosaurs in the film.
  2. Qianzhousaurus-This dinosaur was the second member in the alioramini which originally only include Alioramus. It was found in China. It is nicknamed Pinocchio rex.



  1. Bellatoripes-Bellatoripes was not a published ichnotaxon until 2014. It was believed to rival Albertosaurus, and Daspletosaurus in size. It was compared with Irenesauripus, which had a much shorter pace.

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